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Program Directives

Program Directives

FFY 2018

Display of the “And Justice for All” Poster (version AD-475-B) At Sites Where SNAP-Ed/UC CalFresh Programing Is Delivered

Use of updated mileage logs in UC Davis AggieTravel System, and Electronic Signatures Ad Hoc Routing

Change in Mileage Reimbursement Rate for use of Personal Vehicle

Updates to Civil Rights Training and Compliance

Travel Reimbursement Policy for UC CalFresh

FFY 2017

Please go to the CDSS SNAP-Ed SharePoint Site to access these Program Directives

  • Program Directive 2017-03 CDSS

Site Utilization Policy and Procedure

  • Program Directive 2017-02 CDSS

Site List Maintenance Process

  • Program Directive 2017-01 CDSS

Site Change Process Notification

FFY 2016

Bi-Weekly Time Reporting

Staff who are working less than 100% time and are funded by more than one fund source outside of SNAP-Ed are required to report actual time worked to each fund source/account,

Using the UC Time Reporting System (TRS). This can be accomplished by creating 2 separate time sheets in the TRS for each fund source/account or by specifying the hours worked on each project when submitting time in one time sheet in the TRS. The time reported must be actual hours and not based on an estimated percentage of time.

Expense Report Submission

FFY 2015

SNAP-Ed Expenses in Schools pertaining to Salad Bars and Hydration Stations

FFY 2014

Budget Adjustment Request (BAR) BAR Template (Excel file)

FFY 2012

Nutrition Education Reinforcement Items

Purchasing Cards

FFY 2011

Extender Time Record Completion

FFY 2009

Funding for "Working Lunches"

    * All Other Program Directives originally issued are currently outdated or inactive