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UC CalFresh Curriculum

SNAP-Ed Approved Curriculum Lists

Curriculum Fidelity

Evidence Based Summaries

The USDA requires that SNAP-Ed Programs implement evidence-based approaches. The UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program uses many curricula that were developed by the University of California. Summaries were developed for these curricula to document their evidence-based effectiveness in encouraging behavior change in participant's food, beverage and physical activity choices. NCOR Toolkit

SMART Objectives

SMART is a mnemonic which stands for Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time. It is a way of developing specific goals for a project. Each of the UC CalFresh program's curricula have a specific set of SMART objectives. Ideally, participants taught with each curriculum will achieve the goals listed in that curriculum's SMART objective. The complete listing for all Adult/Family-Centered and Youth curricula is in the file below, with the appropriate Evaluation Tool is also listed.

Other Curriculum and Resource Materials